Hyundai Elantra

since 2000-2004 of release

Repair and car operation

Elantr's Hyundai
+ Petrol engines 1,6, 1,8 and 2,0 of l
+ Diesel engine of 2,0 l
+ greasing System
+ cooling System
+ Fuel system
+ Monitoring systems and decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases
+ ignition System
+ System of preliminary heating of the diesel engine
+ Coupling
+ Mechanical transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Power shafts, forward and back axes
+ Suspension bracket
+ Steering
+ Brake system
+ Body
+ air Central air
- Electric equipment
   Charging system
   Power failure check on a wire connecting the storage battery to the generator
   Check of the current developed by the generator
   Check of developed tension
   Generator of petrol engines
   Generator of the diesel engine
   Storage battery
   Start system
   Starter of petrol engines
   Starter of the diesel engine
   Safety locks
   Block of safety locks
   Multipurpose switch
   Sound signal
   Combination of devices
   Switch of position of the parking brake
   Screen wiper and stekloomyvatel of a windscreen
   Screen wiper of back glass
   Headlights and forward indexes of turn
   Forward fog lights and turn repeaters
   The back combined lamp
   Top stoplight
   Lamp of illumination of registration plate
   The ceiling lamp (with the hatch)
   The ceiling lamp (without the hatch)
   Lamp of illumination of salon
   Check of the relay of headlights
   Radio receiver
   Heater of back glass
   Safety cushions (SRS)
   Seat belts
   Search and elimination of malfunctions
   Specification for adjustments and control
Electric circuits

Combination of devices

Removal and installation


    Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the storage battery
    Turn out screws of fastening of a combination of devices. Remove an ashtray, then turn out screws of fastening of a combination of devices.
    Disconnect sockets from a combination of devices. Remove a combination of devices.
    Installation is carried out to sequences, return to removal.

Speedometer check


    Adjust pressure in tires. Establish the car on the stand for check of a speedometer and establish wedges under back wheels. Check, whether there are speedometer indications within the admission provided in specifications.

At speedometer check suddenly do not press a pedal of coupling and sharply do not increase / reduce speed.

Wear of tires and inappropriate pressure in tires leads to increase in an error of measurement of speed.



    Connect a test tachometer. Start the engine. Compare indications of a speedometer of the car to indications of a test tachometer. If the difference of indications exceeds admissible values, replace a tachometer.

  1. Reversirovaniye of a tachometer will lead to damage of semi-conductor devices in a tachometer.
  2. At removal and installation of a tachometer be careful not to drop or hit it.

Index of level of fuel


    Include ignition.
    Connect a lamp in capacity of 3,4 W and working tension 12 In to plugs 1 and 3.
    Include ignition and be convinced that the control lamp burns in full heat and the shooter of the index shows a full tank.

Resistance check


    Remove a combination of devices. Connect variable resistance to plugs 11 (M09–1) and 13 (M09–1). Check that the index shows fuel level according to resistance change. Otherwise replace the index of level of fuel.
Resistance, Ohm
Е (Empty)
F (Full)

Fuel level sensor


    By ohmmeter measure resistance between contacts 1 and 3 in each provision of a float.
Provision of a float
Resistance, Ohm
    Also be convinced that when moving float from the situation "E" in the situation "F" resistance changes smoothly.

Temperature index


    By ohmmeter measure resistance between contacts 2 and "weight".
    If resistance do not correspond given in the table, replace the temperature index.
Temperature, °C
Resistance, Ohm

Sensor of pressure of oil


    Be convinced that at the switched-off engine there is a conductivity between contact of the sensor and "weight".
    Be convinced that at the working engine there is no conductivity between contact of the sensor and "weight". Otherwise replace the sensor of pressure of oil.